Top 25 things to have in your kit

28 01 2010

1. A Video Camera or one of the awesome VDSRL cameras such as the Canon 5D MII or a 8mm film camera

2.  Blank media for above camera

3. Gaffers tape (The more colors the better)

4. A multitool or a “Leatherman”

5.  Ziplock bags (very useful for odds and ends such as connectors batteries business cards)

6. Business Cards …..ABC Always Be Closing  (thank you Glengarry Glen Ross)

7. Blank Forms  ie..model releases, location agreements, call sheets

8. Clipboard or Trapper Keeper (if they still make them or Five Star equal) to keep all papers organized and safe

9. Pens/Pencils/Sharpies/Vise a Viz

10. Pocket sized notebook or pad

11. Batteries (aaa to D) plus chargers for devices that need them

12. Food and Water….some shoots you may need to be your own craft service

13.  Hot Hands or some type of strong thick gloves of moving and placing lights

14.  Power strip or surge protector to power chargers, coffee maker, blowdrier,  the producer’s iphone….(you get the idea)

15. Walkie-talkies….because cell service sucks in some areas

16. A Smart slate or a dumb slate to sync sound….i bet you thought  i forgot all about sound

17. Boom Pole

18. Dead Cat…or windsock… i like dead cat better

19. BNC and XLR cable of varing length properly wrapped….PA’s if you don’t know how to wrap cable …..ASK FIRST!!!!!!!!!  BNC and XLRs need special care due to the thin wires within…..Stingers you can wrap any ol’ way

20.  Stingers

21. Microphones and lav kits

22. Unlubicated condoms to protect mics and lav kits from sand, water and std’s

23. Headphones the big over the ear ones….need to listen for any unwanted noises….do not buy noise cancelling ones defeats the purpose.

24.  A sound recording unit….Sound Device 744t  A Zoom Q2 or any device that will take XLR inputs and phantom power

25.  A change of clothes (socks hoodie jacket shoes) dress in layers even in soundstages

This is far from a complete list but its a good start and for me personal a small first aid kit is always nice to have on standby