Is TV dead or is there a better system?

11 02 2010

Hulu, Bit Torrent, iTunes , DVR, Flo TV and TV tuners for laptops and desktops have change how people receive their fave shows.

Now with Hulu to charge to watch your shows online, it faces the long held believe that TV is free.  Granted local tv is broadcast for free, but what some people may not be aware of is that local advertisers pay for the rights to show your favorite episodes. Also your favorites show would not even be made with the networks being to sell time around their latest drama.

This is what you need to watch for your series whether it is a tv or the web.  Think smarter then the big guys.  Use web hits rather then using Nielsen.  Create a buzz. Offer things that  can’t be pirated.

You can use this to your advantage when you pitch your show either for the networks themselves or to individual affiliates.  Call your local station and buy time. The easiest time slots to get are Saturday or Sunday afternoon or late night for the CW or MyNetworkTV stations. You will need to think beyond the basics of just making the show you need think of twitter, facebook fan page, a blog (from the characters, actors, producer,  behind the scenes)  maybe even transmitting your show online.

If done online, you need to keep in mind the length of the commercials and ads that will be on your page.  If you want to charge offer something along the lines of DVD special features. Look at iTunes season pass for inspiration.  Check out Flash based tv station. Keep in mind you may be able to sell time on your network to other filmmakers.

Pull a George Lucas and license the hell of it.  With sites like cafepress. com and and you make your own custom t-shirts, bags and mugs.  Also look into props, autographs or contests with advertisers.