How not to hold a film premiere

5 12 2009

How not to hold a premier

Find an out of way place to hold your showing

Offer no or limited food

Have a small view screen

Have uncomfortable seats or none at all

Do not advertise

I hope you do realize this is a joke. All these things should be accounted for when you hold a premier or screening of your work. It’s a lot easier than you think to cover all this.

1 # rule of real estate location…Location ….LOCATION. Find a theater to show your film. Use your phone book or a suitable online substitute. Call your local multiplex or the local art house to rent their space for a few hours. If they sell food better, talk about maybe cutting a deal for showing your film and having them cater. By offering them an event during a slow season (February to May or October to December, depending on your area) it helps to drive business during a time when business slows down.

Food. Keep it light. Finger food or small sandwiches are good. Check out some catering websites or the Food Network for ideas. Avoid a lot of sauces that may stain your audience’s clothes. Popcorn is an old standby. If you can keep it in the theme of your film even better.

Small screen….why?? Even projecting against the side of building is better then having all your friends huddling around your iphone. There are so many better way to show off your project …movie theater is awesome…if not possible try finding a place to set up a projection screen. Think movies in the park…use your imagination.

Seating is important…I don’t know about you but if my butt hurts I leave. I had this happen at a local presentation. Offer comfortable seats or let your guests bring their own.

Advertise…pick one or more avenues. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blog….etc. Use your local TV and newspaper…GET THE WORD OUT. Team up with local shops….the possiblies are endless. Use your imagination but plan ahead.

I’m writing this after watching a filmmaker hold a local premier and seeing the results of a half hearted effort. It kills me to see someone put so much work into a project only to trip before the finish line. It was a ski film (which I love) was held in a basement room …which I only knew about because I work at TV station that posts local events. The chairs were those cheap metal chairs like those you see the VFW hall….great if you want to take five and sit out a square dance but not for more than an hour. As soon as there was intermission I was out of here. To the defend the film I borrowed a DVD copy and watched at home…yes on my comfy couch….I was really interested and enjoyed it.