A cheap production Netbook or Notebook

31 01 2010

I was checking all the netbooks at Best Buy.  As I was browsing, I wonder could netbooks be used in production or is a notebook better.


Used be used to ftp dailies or used for a dump drive. Is it possible to link a camera to a netbook and run it as drive?

Script writing

Light music or sound editing

Light photo editing or proofing

Budgeting software

Paperwork such location releases, model releases, project costs


Video conversion (promos for youtube)


All of the above plus

Dvd burning

Effects design

Heavy editing video, sound and photo

Playback….used for director and script supervisor, as video village

Production meetings through Skype

Recommended programs (some free others not so much)

Open Office (free word doc, spreadsheet, power point…etc)

Avid (video editing)

Windows Movie Maker (video editing)

Adobe Production Suite (photoshop, after effects, soundtrack)

Skype (video chat)

Audacity (sound editing)

An audio/ video converter (mov-mpeg-h.264-avi-mp3)

Google Docs and Calender to coordinate among teams


Archiving and logging footage

26 01 2010

Archiving and logging footage

Save in 3 places

Hard Drive (internal or external)


Online (if you have a website that offers server space or one of the many online backup sites such as www. mozy.com or www.carbonite.com)

Save raw and the finished project. The most important and often most boring job is logging footage. It is important to find the best shots for the project…..more often or not you will need to re-re-edit. If for a client one than one edit will happen.

The more info you put down for each shot the easier it is to find them. Easiest way to put down type of shot (cu 2s 3s cowboy mos…etc), length, people in shot and the scene #+ take # if applicable. Some people take a sentence about the scene, the mood, what action is taking place or effects to added if any. ex. cu 1:30 hero (3h 3rd take) Find the one that works for you and make it standard for you and for your crew. The easier the system the better. Use Excel or any spreadsheet or database program to create your EDL (edit decision list).