A cheap production Netbook or Notebook

31 01 2010

I was checking all the netbooks at Best Buy.  As I was browsing, I wonder could netbooks be used in production or is a notebook better.


Used be used to ftp dailies or used for a dump drive. Is it possible to link a camera to a netbook and run it as drive?

Script writing

Light music or sound editing

Light photo editing or proofing

Budgeting software

Paperwork such location releases, model releases, project costs


Video conversion (promos for youtube)


All of the above plus

Dvd burning

Effects design

Heavy editing video, sound and photo

Playback….used for director and script supervisor, as video village

Production meetings through Skype

Recommended programs (some free others not so much)

Open Office (free word doc, spreadsheet, power point…etc)

Avid (video editing)

Windows Movie Maker (video editing)

Adobe Production Suite (photoshop, after effects, soundtrack)

Skype (video chat)

Audacity (sound editing)

An audio/ video converter (mov-mpeg-h.264-avi-mp3)

Google Docs and Calender to coordinate among teams


Pick your gear

20 01 2010

When I started film school the first thing a lot of my classmates bought was the Panasonic HVX200. Really awesome camera by the way.  Slowly after they bought it the joy settled nothing was shot. All the gunpowder in the world but no match.  For people who don’t have 4 grand burning a hole in your pocket, there are easier ways.  First off figure out what kind of stuff you’ll will shoot.

A 3 month backpacking trip through Europe shooting video for your blog or for the folks back home. You don’t  need a Panavision Genesis (a HD digital camera used by Hollywood crews to shoot blockbusters).  You would be better off with a Flip cam or a Mini DV cam around $200 to 300.

If going the Mini DV route check out www.beachtek.com for xlr adapter for awesome audio. Its cheaper to get a Mini DV camcorder and an adapter compared to a Sony XL (a prosumer camcorder) People can forgive weak shots and not lousy audio. Xlrs are the cables for production level microphones.

3 Day commercial shoot or a music video

Panasonic HVX200/Hpx170 with or without a Red Rock/ Letus Lens adapter

Red One w/ sound recorder equipment

Canon 5D Mark II w/ sound recorder equipment

Feature Film

Panasonic HVX200/Hpx170 with or without a Red Rock/ Letus Lens adapter

Red One w/ sound recorder equipment

Arri 16mm or an Arri 35mm w/ sound recorder equipment

If you find that you really need the RED One getting the gear is easy just google film rental houses. Heads up most rental houses require insurance to cover any likely problems or unlikely. I would much happier to pay 1,500 for insurance rather pay 50,000 for a new RED One.

Final Word take a hard look at project and your funds and shoot from that.

Good luck and see you in the pictures.