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15 03 2010

Hey all

Just letting you know that I now have my own website you can find all my posts plus my portfolio. I will no longer be posting to this blog.

Thanks for reading



Starting Over

3 03 2010

Wednesday Afternoon

int my cubical

Working on my computer loading that weeks interviews to YouTube. My boss comes over and said the worse six words in the English “I need to let you go”.

Lay-off….getting fired…being let go. No matter how is it said it all means the same thing. You will not be working at your post for any longer. It’s uncomfortable for both parties. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT YOU MIGHT REGET. You never know if the lay-off is temporary or if you may need your boss’s reference. Never burn your bridges.

After hearing the news, I was shocked, I had been working for the station for over a year. Not only I had I learned the work flow, I became a event videographer and field reporter along as a graphic operator and digital content manager. Basically I could do almost everything except host our live show. I liked the people that I worked with and hoped to stay near my hometown.

Now I’m filling out unemployment, updating my resume and roll calling my friends. Not to say I’m not fighting depression and the WTF questions like “What am I going to now?” “How am I going to pay my student loans?” “Was film school a mistake?” are running around in my mind.

Luckily for me I have a non-media job that I’m slowly beginning to hate, that unfortunately provides me my income. I do realize some media professionals aren’t as fortunate. Plus all those damn tech schools piss me off ….I was told too that if I had a degree I would be making a lot more money that working with out one. No one put a gun to my head and made me go to college, but I did it anyway. I loved my college and they do offer career support.

I hate the idea that you “have to” go New York City or Los Angeles. Hundreds of film grads and wannabee’s flock to both cities and are run through the “internship” gauntlet. Six months minimal of long hours and no pay for the promise of “connections”. For some people that will be they ticket in to the industry. For others their dreams for fame and fortune will be shattered and they will go back to Des Moines or Lexington and give up. Please don’t. Find what you love and make a movie or tv show or web series.

The Hollywood system has changed and shows little to no chance of returning to the way it was. The faster that people realize this the better off they will be. Filmmakers now need to be PR trained, entrepreneurs with technical skills to sell their films. I hope I can help out by offering advice and technical support.

Find people that share your passion and make it happen!